today’s the last day of my 4-day vacation…and yet, i still don’t want to go back to manila. huhuhu…i want to extend! though i have the option to work at home, my internet connection kills me and it sucks most esp when i have lots of work to do. so i got no choice but to bring my ass in the office. grrr…oh well, reality bites. and in reality, i’m just a noble employee who needs to work even i don’t want to.

for sure, i’m gonna miss being at home. nothing can beat the feeling of being at your own home, with your family. my next vacay would be on december, for xmas break (wah, ang tagaaal pa)


which reminds me…what if i accepted the job offer in malaysia? if i accepted it, i’d be on my first month there. i’m wondering what could have happen to me. i would love to have the additional pay but i don’t think i’m ready to leave my family over here just yet. but next year, i’d be pursuing my plans of getting a job abroad…maybe singapore. i’m not getting any younger and i need to get my ass going if i want to accomplish anything. besides, i have my sister and my pinsan to send to college. not that i am complaining, this is something i’ve told myself to be doing years ago.

it makes me think that life gets harder as you grom old. years ago, i’ve never thought life could be this hard. looking back, i only worry about school projects, allowances and boys. hhhehhe…but now, i seem to forget even about boys. seriously! i used to worry about me getting married, how many kids i’m gonna have or where i am going to live with my own family. but things have changed. i don’t know if this is good, though.

again, i am not complaining. i believe that everything will fall into places soon with God’s grace. i love my family and what could be more rewarding than being able to help your family, ayt?
so there…gotta go now. me and my sis are watching this horror movie in one of our local channels. but before that lemme post here my most recent fave pic of who else? meee!

here it is…edited using Nero Snap viewer:

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