yup, kinikilig ako. damn! i so miss this feeling…ung nangingiti ka ng mag-isa. okay sana kung kinikilig ako because a guy makes me kilig, but the truth is, i’m reading a blog suggested to me by a fellow-GTer: maidinmakati.blogspot.com yep, i know a lot of you knows this blog. as usual, lagi akong huli sa uso. but for those who aren’t, well it’s a blog written by this guy who happens to fall in love with their maid. though she really isn’t a maid, but a daughter of their maid.

nope, this is not in anyway the same with the stories of atsay killers out there. this one’s really kakakilig. imagine the guy even wrote a blog about it? hayyy…i wish somebody out there falls in love with me and write a blog about our “relationship” too. oh well…asa pa ako.

shet, it’s time to go home but i can’t seem to stop reading! arrrghhhh…kakaadik to.

i’m inlababo! (weehhehe, you wish)

i remember having a discussion with a guy friend years ago about women choosing bad boys over guys-next-door types. apparently, the girl he's been courting for over a year chose this other suitor who's the exact opposite of him: has a motorcycle for a ride, smokes, drinks and a record of having a number of GFs at the same time. he was complaining how confusing women are...how we preferred to be dragged by those kind of men instead of being treated as princesses.

"mas gusto nyo ata ang bastos kesa ginagalang kayo eh!" hmmm...sometimes (grins)

anyways, i must admit i used to be like those women. most of my crushes way back my younger years were guys who wore tattered jeans, fitted shirts, with long hair, a bit of moustache and who seem to care less on how they look. we girls like to call them "manyak" looking guys (for obvious reasons...tee-hee). if you ask me why...maybe we think its more exciting to be with guys who doesnt really care about anything but having a good time. imagine riding a motorcycle with your hair flowing freely in the air (kewlness) or maybe having someone ala-robin padilla type on his knees for being madly in love with you (haba ng hair mo!). like men, we girls too love the challenge. but i guess as you grow old, you tend to mellow down. in my case, i'd prefer to have a life that's more stable...maybe a little less exciting but at least you'd be on the assured side. so i guess, it comes with age.

so okay, women can be guilty of this. but are you sure, only us can be condemned of such?

i know a friend who has been married for more than 2 years and eventually, her husband had an affair with a girl who apparently has a record of being a willing third party of other relationships. this girl loves going out on gimmicks, partying and well, attached men. my friend on the other hand is more of a homebody, being a mother to their son, she would prefer staying at home and looking after him. it was a shock when eventually, her husband totally chose the other girl over my friend. it's really frustrating...

i've encountered lots of stories about guys going gaga over a girl who doesnt even compare a bit to their present GFs or wives. if you ask them, its either they find the other woman more exciting or at least have something different. and it's sad to think that they choose these types of women over the girls they've spent more time with...went thru unimaginable trials and whose fidelity and sincerity have already been tested thru time.

so i guess it's not only us women...but also men who at some point in their lives would choose someone they just met who seem to be more attractive, more exciting and more fun to be with over that somebody who may not be as attractive and as exciting as those women...but will be more than willing to be with you no matter how un-exciting and un-attractive you'd become. and it's simply because it's LOVE.

SUTIL [suh-til] : adj.
- synonymous to naughty, mischievous, disobedient, misbehaved, playful, frolicsome, resistive, uncompliant, rascally.
- in my native language (Filipino) this means: pasaway, makulit, matigas ang ulo

and yes, i am a SUTIL. Most of the time, i just couldn't let anybody have their way without me questioning. Either, i ain't trusting them or i'm just simply bullying them...just for kicks. i may look serious (and i can be serious if situation calls for it) but there will always be a playful side of me.

Yes, i am resistive...but not until you've proven your point. Let's just say that like a child, i always ask questions....question that lead to another question...until i get satisfied and you've made your point accross. but don't get me wrong...i can be gullible and naive too. on what matters, that you have yet to discover.

so let me just welcome you to my world of endless whinings, rants, nonsense and whatever...feel free to comment, just dont nag me... i already have enough of that to last a lifetime. :)