SUTIL [suh-til] : adj.
- synonymous to naughty, mischievous, disobedient, misbehaved, playful, frolicsome, resistive, uncompliant, rascally.
- in my native language (Filipino) this means: pasaway, makulit, matigas ang ulo

and yes, i am a SUTIL. Most of the time, i just couldn't let anybody have their way without me questioning. Either, i ain't trusting them or i'm just simply bullying them...just for kicks. i may look serious (and i can be serious if situation calls for it) but there will always be a playful side of me.

Yes, i am resistive...but not until you've proven your point. Let's just say that like a child, i always ask questions....question that lead to another question...until i get satisfied and you've made your point accross. but don't get me wrong...i can be gullible and naive too. on what matters, that you have yet to discover.

so let me just welcome you to my world of endless whinings, rants, nonsense and whatever...feel free to comment, just dont nag me... i already have enough of that to last a lifetime. :)

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  1. Adrian Says:

    I love your blog setup! Where did u get it?