that's what you feel when you've finally decided to let go of that one thing you've always want to have...that one thing you've always dreamed of when you were little and that only thing that you've always looked forward to all these years.

and do you know what hurts more?

when you pretend that it's okay, and it's no longer what you wanted.

and so no matter how much it hurts and how much it feels like its killing you, you have to accept the fact that it will never...ever happen to you. that one thing you've always dreamed of will never come true. and that just like everything else, you just have to accept that fact.

and of course, the best way to overcome this pain is to wear that mask to conceal what you really feel... the mask that you put on to show the world that you're perfectly fine and nothing can ever make you falter.

if they only knew.