before going home to the province for the holidays, i finally found time to watch the DVDs that were long sitting on top of my player. i rented them more than a week ago, and for sure my penalty would even be higher than their price had i bought them instead (the pirated ones, of course...tee-hee!)

first one i popped into my player was the movie Hancock (i know, i know...i'm so outdated!). this movie really made me curious coz i remember some colleagues talking about it months ago. i just love superhero movies, and this one, according to them is way different.

and they are so damn right. i chuckle each time i'd see Will Smith taking off to fly. he's such a disaster! and geesh, he's one scary super hero too. LOL!

but of course, the movie has lessons to offer. some points i have learned:

1. everybody deserves a chance to change. no matter how twisted a person is, he deserves a fair chance to change himself for the better. and it helps to have people around you who believe that you can indeed change. of course, nobody wants to be hated or ridiculed. everybody wants somebody to be proud of them, and everybody longs for the feeling of being wanted. if only everybody would be given a chance to prove themselves, i guess the world be a much better place to live in.

2. love is sacrifice. i cried a lot when i found out that Hancock has a wife...and that they love each other in the past (and maybe until now) but they can't just be together. it sucks...(and i thought this only happens in my so-called life, lol). imagine, sacrificing your own happiness for everybody else's sake. they both knew they can't be together...and that it would bring the world so much peace and happiness if they aren't together. it hurts to see people who love each other turn their backs away from each other. but yeah, everything happens for a reason...and i know it sucks, but their sacrifice isn't going to waste after all.

i love the movie....made me realize a lot of can change a person, and yet, sometimes love just ain't enough.


...and i always get left behind.

i wish that someday, i'd be the one to leave...and the one who'd never look back. no matter how hard they try to ask me to stay, i hope i'd have the courage to just continue walking away.

i got hurt so many times already...but how come it's me who feel guilty? maybe i am at fault...maybe it's really me who's at fault. and yeah, maybe i do deserve to be left behind after all.

nope...not that i am sentenced to death. but yep, 2 days of no sleep (at all) literally made me look like i'm from the grave. damn these eyebags and dark undereye circles.

i am not sure why my insomnia has been attacking again. i've stopped taking sleeping pills months ago and never had any difficulties getting a good night sleep. though i still get to sleep less than 5hrs during weekdays, at least i get to sleep! but now, i'd be lying on my bed from 2am and my eyes will still be as wide as that of somebody who suffered from electric shock by 6am.

it's past 3am and i am still up. i was so effin tired when i got home from work, just used some wet wipes to remove my makeup and i went straight to my bed. with my work clothes still on, hahhahaa. but 2hrs after and i haven't been able to get even some minutes of sleep. frustrated, i got up and took a shower...tried to make myself sleepy by reading but look where i am front of my freakin' laptop! arrrrghhh...

my body is so tired, my eyes are half-closed but I CAN'T SLEEP!

damn, if someone out there is thinking bout me (hehehe, beliefs beliefs)...please, STOP! i am in a bad need of some zzzZZZZ!


(sorry for my pathetic "excuse")

How can i decide whats right?
When your clouding up my mind,
I cant win your losing fight,
All the time.

How can i ever own whats mine?
When your always taking sides,
But you wont take away my pride,
No not this time...
Not this time.

How did we get here?
I used to know you so well,
How did we get here?
I think i know how.

The truth is hiding in your eyes,
Its boiling in my blood,
But you think that i cant see.
What kind of man that you are?
If your man at all,
I will figure this one out.
On my own... (Screaming i love you so)
On my own... (My thoughts you cant decode)

How did we get here?
I used to know you so well,
How did we get here?
I think i know how.

Do you see,
What weve done,
Were gonna make such fools,
Of ourselves...
Do you see,
What weve done,
Were gonna make such fools,
Of ourselves...

How did we get here
I used to know you so well
How did we get here?
I think i know how...
I think i know.

There is something,
I see in you,
It might kill me,
I want it to be true.
yeah....i know i am addicted to Twilight.
who's not, anyway? :)

hayyy...i am really inlove with the story. i know i shouldn't be reading stories or watching movies like these...being a love fool that i already am, i just go more loco over love. LOL

oh well. if i don't get to experience this "one true love," at least other people (or vampires) do.

"i love you more than anything in the world combined...isn't that enough?"

awww...i know, this doesn't help me at all. i must admit, i am such a loco when it comes to love. geesh, and i thought my view about it would change as i grow older. but, nah.

so what am i babbling about this time?

yeah...i am one "Twilight" addict too!

i know i am quite late about this one. most of my friends have read the book already, and im talking bout ALL 4 of the books. and yeah, i just started reading a week ago.

i love to read...yep, i really do. but somehow, i lost interest in it years ago. i still remember way back in HS and my early years in college, i got addicted to novels by McNaught and Sheldon. Most books i've read would be about historical romance. yep,

LOL (i know!)

so i don't think those who know me would be surprised at all if i'd say i finally got into the "Twilight Saga." i just love stories about it forbidden, long as it's all about LOVE, i'd surely like it.

so when my sister told me bout this book and the upcoming movie, i just knew i got to get a copy for myself. i've read the first 2 chapters of the book right after i got it, but because of too much workload in the office, i stopped. i told myself that i won't be watching the movie unless i'm done with the book. so i took advantage of the (long) weekend, and was able to finish the book in 2 nights. and damn, i must say that i am now inlove with the story of Bella and Edward.

the story didn't fail to give me the kilig factor i always look for in love stories. but i'd be honest to say that i was kinda disappointed with the climax part. and that would be the part where James got Bella...for me, the action ended too soon. or was it cut short? i am not sure, but i can say that it's lacking something. i was kinda expecting more. Well, the part where James fooled Bella into coming for her mother, i was like expecting more action. i dunno if i was already half asleep or what, but the next thing i knew, Bella's being saved by Edward. (and i wish he didn't so she'd be like him..but yeah, that would really cut the story short, no?) so it's like your emotions would be up there and it'll drop just like that.

but yeah, i still love the book. really, really love the story to bits. i love how the author presented the characters. i got so intrigued by them that i started to browse the net as to who'd be playing who. and yeah, i even went to YT and searched for the trailer. LOL.

geesh, i wish i am not too old for this. i am so kilig and yeah, probably like most of the girls out there, i am also wishing to have a vampire boyfriend like Edward.