Last week, i've informed u how ngarag i was from finding a new place to move in...and shempre, when i was finally able to find one...i had to make time (despite the pressure from my boss, este work pala) to move in my stuffs to the new place.
During my last days in my room at Kingswood (where i stayed for almost 8 mos), i felt kinda sad since i've been comfortable living with those people i just met when i moved in there. usually, i stay with my friends but that was the first time that i moved in a 4-room condo unit with 3 other people living in it. we don't get to see each other that often because of the schedule. i remember that sometimes, we even talk thru text though we are just inside our own rooms. if given naman the chance to see each other, we make sure to make the most out of it. there was a time we just chatted until 4 or 5 am. para bang wala ng bukas...or prolly just because we don't get to do it often.
Living at Kingswood also gave me the chance to somehow reunite with my long-lost (not really, its just that we dont get to see each other that often) baby, as i fondly call her, merie cris since one of my housemates happened to be her boyfriend named Brian. During weekends, we got to talk a lot about our college days (we used to be classmates and really close friends) and life now and what lies ahead in our future. When Brian accepted a job offer in Malaysia (which i got too, but declined for some reasons) i knew then that i won't get to see my baby that often anymore :( but that's life.
oh a remembrance, i decided to take pictures of my room during my last days at Kingswood. Sorry for the mess guys, it used to look more organized before i started moving out some of my please bear with me. hehhehe...

opps, censored. heehehe...this spot is where my wooden cabinet used to be and my silver organizer which contains some of my kikay stuffs.

wahhh, where's my TV and DVD player? huuhuhuhu...

and my doesn't look so different actually, except for i no longer have the sofa bed on this picture. I have a mattress on top of a sofa bed kasi but i moved it out kasabay ng mga bigger stuffs ko. but as for the mess, it looks the same to me. ganyang-ganyan itsura nyan whenever i am on a hurry to leave for work. hehehhe

so long kingswood! :( thanks for being my 2nd home for the last 8 ba or 10 months? i'll post pics of my new place when i finished cleaning and organizing my stuffs.

We all deserve to find people who connect with us, who care for us, who make us laugh, who drive us crazy (in a good way), and who make us feel more excited than a popcorn kernel in a microwave.

Of course, we should all strive for all five qualities, not settle for two or three of the total. That said, many of us have unfair expectations of what relationships are supposed to be like.Blame it on the movies, or romance novels, or Barbie-and-Ken mythology, but seeking perfection in a relationship isn't noble; it's doomed.

Think about the lottery winners: They play with the hope that they'll score big, quit the job, buy a yacht, and party for the rest of their lives.But the reality for so many mega-bucks winners is that they end up in a dead-end life with relatives clawing at them and bankruptcy lawyers dividing the spoils. Why? Because their expectations of their fantasy life were far different than the reality, and they end up blowing the so-called best thing that ever happened to them.

Same goes for relationships. You may hit lucky sevens with a perfect match, but if you don't manage the fantasy with a dose of reality, your heart will be headed for bankruptcy.

Below, you'll find four key fantasy vs. reality clashes. Make sure you end up on the right side:

Expectation: The Fireworks of Romance
Reality: The Fireworks of Conflict
Sure, when sparks fly in a beginning of relationship, you've got oodles of chemistry, hopes, and anticipation. But to think that every day is going to be a barrel of butter-cream icing is just asking for trouble.If you're experiencing a lot of passion, you need to manage the 180-degree side of that passion-hard-core conflict. While some see conflict as relationship weakness, it can actually be the opposite - a Harvard study, in fact, found that subjects who express their anger have half the risk of heart disease compared with men who internalize it.It's a sign that you're communicating, a sign that you both care about the relationship, and a sign that you've got sparks, not complacency.

Expectation: The Perfect Package
Reality: Imperfect Behavior
When two people meet "the one," they tell all their friends about all the qualities of the new-found lover: Cute, friendly, compassionate, funny, good job, nice shoes, gorgeous body. In other words, poifect!Yeah, right, your friends think, and they're probably right. Okay, your new love interest seems to fit 97 of your 100 pieces of criteria for the perfect mate - after the second date. But again, that level of expectation can be an unfair standard that your imperfect companion will never be able to live up to as weeks, months, and years pass.Better to admire and appreciate the things that made you swoon. Then, it's up to you to manage the warts and worries (in personality, behavior, hygiene, whatever) that will slowly be introduced the more you get to know them.

Expectation: Wild Nights, Sleepy Days
Reality: Wild Days, Sleepy Nights
The joys of dating: Party all night, then lounge around during the day in anticipation of the night ahead. Of course, the initial excitement - about an impending date on the town or a friendly tussle in the bedroom - is one of the main engines that drives the relationship early on.That power source will wind down a bit once commitment sets in and routine takes over. Fight the impulse to pull away when you start to feel this relationship shift; spending time with a romantic partner can curb work-related stress and lower blood pressure, according to researchers at the University of North Carolina.The most successful couples are the ones who are able to adapt to the fact that crazy work days, the stress of life, and the daily grind of reality will become a stronger force than all-night talks under the stars.

Expectation: Complete Immersion
Reality: Occasional Diversion
When you start dating someone who drives you to Jack Nicholson levels of craziness, you want total saturation. You want to talk on the phone, you want an inbox full of flirty messages, you want five nights a week of dates, you can't stop thinking about them, and everything you say, do, smell, touch, or eat reminds you of that person.If that's you, I'm happy for you. That kind of all-consuming infatuation is one of the greatest feelings in life. But it just can't last. And - truth to tell - men may maintain an interest in the NFL, and want to watch a game or two with buds.Or women may decide that, heck, those end-of-season sales just can't go on without them. Many couples write off those feelings as evidence that they must be falling out of love. I don't see it that way. I see it as falling into reality, and successful couples know how to change their definition of immersion.In fact, University of Chicago researchers found that those with a wide circle of friends have an easier time dealing with stress and have a lower risk of heart disease than people who rely on only one or two others for support. That is, they don't see immersion as being based on quantity of time together, but rather immersing themselves in each other in whatever time they have-whether it's a lot or not.

a good read i got from where else, Girltalk! :)

10. Perfectionist/ Mapili: Yes, isang taong perpeksiyonista. Yung tipong dapat ganito ang magiging kapartner ko. Pag may nakilala, nakita lang na pangit ang kuko o may dumi lang, turn-off na agad. O kaya ang daming ayaw. Ayaw sa mabait boring daw, gusto bad boy/pilya pero kapag pinaiyak ka tatanungin ka “bakit ang sama mo!” “bakit mo nagawa yun! Adik ka ba?!” Ayaw sa cute, ayaw din naman sa panget. Meron dyan gusto ka ayaw mo naman… Ung gusto mo halos magtambling ka na pero deadma pa rin yang stunts mo sa kanya! Pasaway ka rin e! Ano ba talaga kuya?

9. Busy-Busyhan: Opo, eto yung ang mundo e gumagalaw lang sa libro at ballpen kung estudyante ka o kaya naman sa computer at files kung office staff ka. Yung tipong aalis ng bahay ng alas 6 o alas 7 ng umaga at uuwi ng bahay ng 6 hanggang alas 8 ng gabi (baligtad naman para sa mga nag tratrabaho sa call center). Sabay tulog na. Kapag sabado masaya na sila sa tv, sa pagkain na niluluto ni mama at sa linggo naman sisimba at maghahanda na ng kelangan para sa lunes hanggang biyernes. Pssssst… ka muna and pause for awhile…

8. Friendship Theory: Ano naman ito? Eto yung ang buhay ay kay bestfriend o kaya kay special friend na hindi masabi-sabi sa friendship nya sa loob ng kanilang mahabang panahon na pagsasama dahil baka daw maapektuhan ang pakikipagkaibigan at iwasan sya. Yung tipong pag may kasama si friendship na iba, nagseselos na wala naman sa lugar, pero syempre wag pahalata, kunyari happy sya for friendship. ABA Oi! lakasan mo ang loob mo at baka mamaya forever mong pagsisihan yan kaw rin.

7. Born-to-be-one (Authestic): Eto yung nasa palad na ang pagiging single daw. Walang reasons. Basta lang nabuhay sya sa mundo na mag-isa at feeling nya mamatay sya sa mundo ng mag-isa. Kesyo magmamadre o magpapari na lang. Asa kang tatanggapin ka pa noh!

6. Happy-go-lucky: Eto yung taong walang alam kundi kasiyahan at trippings. Kahit sino nalang basta no string attach. For fun lang daw… Walang halong seryosohan. ABA hoy! yang init ng katawan mo e ikiskis mo nalang sa pader. Makakahanap ka rin ng katapat mo!!!

5. Wrong Place : May nakaranas na ba nito? Yung pakiramdam mo nasa ibang mundo ka. Yung ang nakakaharap mo e yung mga hindi mo gusto, yung mga hindi mo hinahanap. Alam mo yun? Halimbawa nasa ibang bansa ka, pero ang hinahanap mo e yung amoy ng nasa sariling bayan mo. O kaya naman e nasa sarili mong bayan ka, nasa normal na lipunan, pero ikaw ang abnormal at hindi mo kayang sabihin na abnormal din ang hanap mo kung ayaw mong ibitin ka nila ng patiwarik.

4. Wrong Time: Eto yung mga tao na sinasabi na, hindi pa ako ready e bata pa kasi ako o kaya naman hindi pa ako handa sa panahong ito, wala pa ako kayang ipagmalaki. Yes meron pong ganyan. Yung feeling nila may tamang panahon para sa love. Awwwwwww. Aba kelan yun? Pag uugod ugod ka na at yung time mo e bitin na? O baka naman pag pang out of time ka na? Oist, sugod lang ng sugod.

3. Si parents kasi: Yes, factor din ang komyunidad na ginagalawan mo. Una, ayaw pa ni mader o pader na magkaron ka kahit 22 anyos ka na at kelangan umabot ka muna raw ng 40 bago magkaroon ng gf/bf. O kaya naman ikaw mismo! Takot sa sasabihin ni parents at ni kapitbahay na tsismosa sa magiging kasama mo. Aba ikaw na nga ba ang sabihan na.. Alam mo hindi kayo bagay. Langit at lupa kayo. Awwwww. Payo ko sayo, Pakialam nila diba? Palibhasa inggit!

2. Traumatic Experience: Eto kalimitan ang reason ng marami. Ayaw ko na!!! Takot na ako mangyari pa ang nangyari dati! O diba ang drama ng layp? Yes, tama ka. Eto yung dahil sa past relationship mo, e until now ayaw mo ng magkaroon at sinumpa mo na ata ang magmahal. Dahil sa pinagpalit ka sa mas pangit, o kaya naman iniwan ka ng walang word na bye-bye, o dahil binugbog ka!, ano pa ba? Madami yan, wag na nating isa-isahin at baka tumulo si tears! heheh… Gayunpaman, eto lang masasabi ko mga hija at hijo. Iba-iba ang lasa ng pag-ibig. May mapait, may mapakla, may matamis at may maasim. Aba mapalad ka at natikman mo ang ibat ibang lasa nito. Kaya ikaw, Do not be afraid to fall in love again! Malay mo sweetness na ang malasahan mo next time. E di panalo ka sa lotto. Yan ang nagpapalakas sayo! Yang ang bumubuhay sayo, ang pag-ibig. tsk! drama!

1. EX to the nth power: Oi aminin!!! LOVE parin si Ex kahit 1 or 2 yrs na ang nakakalipas. May ganito naman. Yung tipong ilang taon ang nakakalipas, hindi pa rin makalimutan si ex. Yung pinagsamahan, yung tawanan, yung iyakan, at lahat ng nangyari sa inyo nung kayo pa. Malungkot man at sa kung anumang kadahilanan, maganda man o masama ito, kelangan nyong magpaalam sa isa’t-isa. YES, after a year sasabihin natin, I’m over him/her na, pero pag-usapan natin ang love at ang nangyari sa ating relastionship from thepast, TADANNNNNNNNNNNNN, eto na, sya agad ang naalala mo. At habang nagkukwento ka, ouch may kirot, o kaya may ngiti at may bumabagabag sa ating kalooban.. Ano kaya yun? AMININ mo na kasi. MAHAL mo pa si EX. Isa lang ang masasabi ko, well mahirap sya kalimutan alam ko yan! pero open your heart and makipagdate ka, lumabas ka, at try to entertain someone. Wag mo ikumpara si ex sa iba.

kung ako tatanungin? hmmm…kasi “halos” lahat ng lalaking nakikilala ko pare-pareho ng palusot para lang may maidagdag sa listahan ng mga babaeng nauto nila. bottomline is, wala pa akong nakitang lalaking masasabing kong worthy to take another risk :)