i am too busy in the office...

see...i am too focused!


oh wells...i deserve some rest too, yah know!

(i don't suggest you do this too, though...LOL)

3 weeks to go...

just when i told myself that i'd be dieting starting this week, an officemate invited us out for dinner as her birthday treat...woot! where? DAMPA Macapagal! ugh, for somebody who loves seafoods, i'd definitely set aside my dieting for this! i love, love, LOVE seafoods! i can eat shrimps, crabs and squids anyday...everyday!
it's been awhile since i last had a hearty dinner at Dampa (last time was X's despedida)...and we usually go to Trinity. i know i need to lose weight...but i'd just assume i suffered from amnesia and totally forgot all about it. LOL!

Rodney, Eva, Crischelle and Vernon

Crischell, Vernon, Iamsutil and Evalyn

Rodney, Iamsutil, Evalyn and Crischell

the birthday celebrant with Vernon

smile, Rodney!
the dinner was great! we feasted on shrimps, crabs, squid, fish and green mangoes. i literally pigged out! too bad the rest of the project team didn't go with us.
i'll surely miss the team when "that time" comes. my stay in the company isn't that long but i was able to find good friends. we had our ups and downs in our project (we still have) but we got through it all. i found not only friends but a brother and sisters. we got into some misunderstandings (me always being high-pitched) but it's all about work...we forget all about it once we're out of the office. kumbaga, trabaho lang...walang personalan.
i hope the whole team would be able to go out for dinner (in Tagaytay, hopefully) soon!

it's almost 2AM, and i'm still in the office. i am guessing i am alone...i am not quite sure though for i am practically isolated in the training room. our project team have been held "hostage" in this room for weeks now, for our project deployment. we're done with the deployment, but not sure until when we'd be staying in this room. honestly, i prefer to be here rather than stay where the other employees are. don't get me wrong...i am not being an anti-social or something...its just i like it here better.

so anyways...i was supposed to catch the last bus going to the province. but i missed it. actually, i did it on purpose. i was out earlier with some officemates to visit the CROCS sale...talk about suckers for SALES, huh!? hehehe, unfortunately, we came in late. so we went there in vain.

we then passed by my The Fort...where i'd be working next soon. I dunno if i'm supposed to be excited about it or not. I must admit, i'd be sad to leave my friends here in the office. I enjoy their company and though we tend to throw sarcastic jokes at one another most of the time, i love them. we've been thru hell in this project...but i think we went thru it anyways. they are not merely my officemates...but my friends. i will surely miss them.


i've been thinking about a lot of things lately (i always do!) i know there are things i need to act upon the soonest possible time, but i just can't bring myself to it. i'm not the type who hates changes, i think you'd know that by now...but i just don't want people to get hurt, or get myself hurt in the process. my life has been so complicated all these years, and i think i just make it more complicated by entangling myself into things i am not even sure that i can handle. i am such a masochist, you know.

i need to revamp my life, i know. i know what i have to do, and why i have to do it. but, for the life of me, i just don't want to do it right away.

yeah, call me stupid.

even stubborn.

i've been wasting time, i know. i'm turning 30 this year, and i haven't gotten anything i can be proud of. geesh, if only i can be proud of my makeup collection...lol!


and so i boarded the bus around 4am, i was so darn tired and sleepy that i slept throughout the trip. actually, i can hear voices around me, most especially the conductor shouting on top of his lungs that it's a stop over...but i was too tired to get up and eat or go to the cr.

almost 6hrs later, this is what i first saw when i opened my eyes:

honestly, i got teary eyed. LOL!

i've never been to baguio in almost 7 years! i spent 4yrs of my college life there and i think it's the first time i got to appreciate the place. when i started seeing some familiar places, i got to reminisce my life back there. i am thankful that mom decided to send me there for college. i so love the weather...

i went straight to Camp John Hay to meet my friend, Merie Cris (the bride-to-be). after 2hrs of chitchat, i was told that we would be on our way to lunch. i hurried to take a bath, and would you believe i went out without any makeup on!?

yaiks! good thing i brought my sunnies...mom's indeed right when she told me that all i need is a good pair of shades (and a red lippie) for no-makeup days.

yours truly and the bride-to-be

The Manor Suites (Camp John Hay)

we went to the wedding venue to check out the garden where the wedding will be held. this place is so beautiful! i actually wished that i get married there (if ever i get married, lol).

i just realized how much i like (if not love) Baguio. too bad i didn't have enough time. but i was able to drop by SM Baguio and strolled down Session Road which is closed at that time for their extended Panagbenga festival. I had some flashbacks while walking down Session Road. (sigh) i promised myself that i'll be going back soon.

i'll post pics of the wedding later...

for weeks now, i haven't had enough sleep. i've been working for more than 12hrs a day, pass time just staring at my ceiling and sleep for 3-4hrs. what a life!

i missed blogging...doing reviews and granting requests for looks, etc. i miss meeting with my friends and have fun. my work occupied most of my time...i barely have a life!

but hopefully, next week is the last hell week here in the office. finally, our project would be over soon (and so are our jobs...lol) but at least, we (me and my teammates) would be able to rest and relax. geesh, i can hardly wait.

today, i got home at around 4am (went to work at around 1pm) but instead of going straight to bed. i spent more than an hour preparing stuff for my trip. i am going to BAGUIO! (woot).

for those who don't know, i spent my college days in Baguio (summer capital of the phils). but it has been more than 6yrs since i last visited there. i haven't seen the famous SM Baguio...but that's my first stop as soon as i got there (well, probably after i get some sleep since i'd be arriving there early morning and it's still closed). i promised myself that i'd see it. in as much as i wanted to go and visit my Alma Mater, i can't. i'd be busy keeping my good friend company. oh, i'd be Maid-of-honor (for the 2nd time this year) on her wedding on Sunday. I'd be doing her makeup...but of course, i'd be there to share their very special day.

ahhhh....i am so excited. really, i am. i can hardly concentrate with work. i have lots on my plate but all i kept on thinking about is BAGUIO...BAGUIO...BAGUIO. and yeah, tomorrow would be "session road in bloom" and i am so damn lucky to get the chance to see it again after 9yrs.

(do you think i over packed?)

hopefully, i'd be able to blog as often as before starting next week. i have loots that i am excited to show you, ladies. it's not much, though. but i've been trying to beat stress by shopping.

weeeee...I AM SO EXCITED!