just when i told myself that i'd be dieting starting this week, an officemate invited us out for dinner as her birthday treat...woot! where? DAMPA Macapagal! ugh, for somebody who loves seafoods, i'd definitely set aside my dieting for this! i love, love, LOVE seafoods! i can eat shrimps, crabs and squids anyday...everyday!
it's been awhile since i last had a hearty dinner at Dampa (last time was X's despedida)...and we usually go to Trinity. i know i need to lose weight...but i'd just assume i suffered from amnesia and totally forgot all about it. LOL!

Rodney, Eva, Crischelle and Vernon

Crischell, Vernon, Iamsutil and Evalyn

Rodney, Iamsutil, Evalyn and Crischell

the birthday celebrant with Vernon

smile, Rodney!
the dinner was great! we feasted on shrimps, crabs, squid, fish and green mangoes. i literally pigged out! too bad the rest of the project team didn't go with us.
i'll surely miss the team when "that time" comes. my stay in the company isn't that long but i was able to find good friends. we had our ups and downs in our project (we still have) but we got through it all. i found not only friends but a brother and sisters. we got into some misunderstandings (me always being high-pitched) but it's all about work...we forget all about it once we're out of the office. kumbaga, trabaho lang...walang personalan.
i hope the whole team would be able to go out for dinner (in Tagaytay, hopefully) soon!

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