passing time...

it's almost 2AM, and i'm still in the office. i am guessing i am alone...i am not quite sure though for i am practically isolated in the training room. our project team have been held "hostage" in this room for weeks now, for our project deployment. we're done with the deployment, but not sure until when we'd be staying in this room. honestly, i prefer to be here rather than stay where the other employees are. don't get me wrong...i am not being an anti-social or something...its just i like it here better.

so anyways...i was supposed to catch the last bus going to the province. but i missed it. actually, i did it on purpose. i was out earlier with some officemates to visit the CROCS about suckers for SALES, huh!? hehehe, unfortunately, we came in late. so we went there in vain.

we then passed by my The Fort...where i'd be working next soon. I dunno if i'm supposed to be excited about it or not. I must admit, i'd be sad to leave my friends here in the office. I enjoy their company and though we tend to throw sarcastic jokes at one another most of the time, i love them. we've been thru hell in this project...but i think we went thru it anyways. they are not merely my officemates...but my friends. i will surely miss them.


i've been thinking about a lot of things lately (i always do!) i know there are things i need to act upon the soonest possible time, but i just can't bring myself to it. i'm not the type who hates changes, i think you'd know that by now...but i just don't want people to get hurt, or get myself hurt in the process. my life has been so complicated all these years, and i think i just make it more complicated by entangling myself into things i am not even sure that i can handle. i am such a masochist, you know.

i need to revamp my life, i know. i know what i have to do, and why i have to do it. but, for the life of me, i just don't want to do it right away.

yeah, call me stupid.

even stubborn.

i've been wasting time, i know. i'm turning 30 this year, and i haven't gotten anything i can be proud of. geesh, if only i can be proud of my makeup!


2 Responses
  1. URY Says:

    Hi Brigitte...this is Kim. remember from the 1st batch of project beauty? hehe. I've been reading your blogs since...I can't remember. I think you have a lot of things to be proud of. You're so talented, pretty and have great personality. We just can't get everything we want sigh =( I don't know what you're going thru right now but this is all I can is short...just live it to the fullest! have fun and just enjoy =D ciao!

  2. iamsutil Says:

    thanks kim! i didnt know you are reading this blog. ehehhehe...

    godbless sis and see u soon!