Last week, i've informed u how ngarag i was from finding a new place to move in...and shempre, when i was finally able to find one...i had to make time (despite the pressure from my boss, este work pala) to move in my stuffs to the new place.
During my last days in my room at Kingswood (where i stayed for almost 8 mos), i felt kinda sad since i've been comfortable living with those people i just met when i moved in there. usually, i stay with my friends but that was the first time that i moved in a 4-room condo unit with 3 other people living in it. we don't get to see each other that often because of the schedule. i remember that sometimes, we even talk thru text though we are just inside our own rooms. if given naman the chance to see each other, we make sure to make the most out of it. there was a time we just chatted until 4 or 5 am. para bang wala ng bukas...or prolly just because we don't get to do it often.
Living at Kingswood also gave me the chance to somehow reunite with my long-lost (not really, its just that we dont get to see each other that often) baby, as i fondly call her, merie cris since one of my housemates happened to be her boyfriend named Brian. During weekends, we got to talk a lot about our college days (we used to be classmates and really close friends) and life now and what lies ahead in our future. When Brian accepted a job offer in Malaysia (which i got too, but declined for some reasons) i knew then that i won't get to see my baby that often anymore :( but that's life.
oh a remembrance, i decided to take pictures of my room during my last days at Kingswood. Sorry for the mess guys, it used to look more organized before i started moving out some of my please bear with me. hehhehe...

opps, censored. heehehe...this spot is where my wooden cabinet used to be and my silver organizer which contains some of my kikay stuffs.

wahhh, where's my TV and DVD player? huuhuhuhu...

and my doesn't look so different actually, except for i no longer have the sofa bed on this picture. I have a mattress on top of a sofa bed kasi but i moved it out kasabay ng mga bigger stuffs ko. but as for the mess, it looks the same to me. ganyang-ganyan itsura nyan whenever i am on a hurry to leave for work. hehehhe

so long kingswood! :( thanks for being my 2nd home for the last 8 ba or 10 months? i'll post pics of my new place when i finished cleaning and organizing my stuffs.

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