nope...not that i am sentenced to death. but yep, 2 days of no sleep (at all) literally made me look like i'm from the grave. damn these eyebags and dark undereye circles.

i am not sure why my insomnia has been attacking again. i've stopped taking sleeping pills months ago and never had any difficulties getting a good night sleep. though i still get to sleep less than 5hrs during weekdays, at least i get to sleep! but now, i'd be lying on my bed from 2am and my eyes will still be as wide as that of somebody who suffered from electric shock by 6am.

it's past 3am and i am still up. i was so effin tired when i got home from work, just used some wet wipes to remove my makeup and i went straight to my bed. with my work clothes still on, hahhahaa. but 2hrs after and i haven't been able to get even some minutes of sleep. frustrated, i got up and took a shower...tried to make myself sleepy by reading but look where i am front of my freakin' laptop! arrrrghhh...

my body is so tired, my eyes are half-closed but I CAN'T SLEEP!

damn, if someone out there is thinking bout me (hehehe, beliefs beliefs)...please, STOP! i am in a bad need of some zzzZZZZ!


(sorry for my pathetic "excuse")

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