yup, kinikilig ako. damn! i so miss this feeling…ung nangingiti ka ng mag-isa. okay sana kung kinikilig ako because a guy makes me kilig, but the truth is, i’m reading a blog suggested to me by a fellow-GTer: maidinmakati.blogspot.com yep, i know a lot of you knows this blog. as usual, lagi akong huli sa uso. but for those who aren’t, well it’s a blog written by this guy who happens to fall in love with their maid. though she really isn’t a maid, but a daughter of their maid.

nope, this is not in anyway the same with the stories of atsay killers out there. this one’s really kakakilig. imagine the guy even wrote a blog about it? hayyy…i wish somebody out there falls in love with me and write a blog about our “relationship” too. oh well…asa pa ako.

shet, it’s time to go home but i can’t seem to stop reading! arrrghhhh…kakaadik to.

i’m inlababo! (weehhehe, you wish)

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