alone again...

anyways…while waiting for something to do work-related…i browsed thru my friendster list it’s been a long time since the last time i checked on my friends’ profiles. some haven’t changed at all..pero a lot of them did. some are already married, even posted their wedding pictures…i found myself browsing thru the pics, and to be honest, i feel kinda envious. but of course, i am happy for them! hindi naman inggit na galit ako, of course not. i may not be happy with my own love life (or the lack of it) but i can still say that i am happy that for those who have found it. nakakatuwa…i mean, some of them are those people who were broken-hearted before…i’ve known some who even said they stopped believing in love, pero ayun…they found the reason to believe in it once again, and who knows..maybe forever di ba?

i can’t stop myself from feeling kinda inggit. i even found myself telling myself “i wish i can be in that picture too..” or “i wish someday, i’d be walking down the aisle too” or “i wish someday, somebody will hold my hand and promise me forever…” and actually mean it of course! (sighs)

for some naman, i see pictures of their babies. some of them are single parents, pero seeing them in those pictures with their babies, i can tell that they are happy too. if not their babies naman, i see pictures of their significant other…boyfriends, girlfriends…gosh, gusto ko tuloy mahiya puro pagmumukha ko nasa photo gallery ko. i even saw one guy who posted a picture of her girlfriend with the caption “my future” (awwww)
i dunno if it’s me or what…pero while browsing, it’s like they were saying “hey, we are happy…and you’re not!” right to my face. or maybe it’s just another day when i feel so down and so alone. maybe that’s why i decided to go home despite the fact that the connection here kills me that it takes me forever to do my stuff when i connect to my computer in the office. or maybe, they’re right…they’re happy and im not.

isang mahabang HAYYYY….

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