so far, what is the best compliment you ever got? It could be ”you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen” or “you’re the best thing that ever happened to me” amongst others. If you’re gonna ask me, let me first say that I’m not good in taking compliments, so i can’t really specify what’s the best compliment i ever got. If people give me compliments, instead of saying thank you or at least feel flattered, i give out a smirt in return. I know that isn’t a good way to respond to compliments, it’s just that i’d feel more conscious or even think it’s some sort of sarcastic remark. hehehe, and i say i trust people too much, eh? (grins)

anyways, i watched “As good as it gets” today. I am an OC myself but oh boy, i am thankful that i am not as bad as him. He’s way too OC. Okay, i think the farthest i can get is making sure that my towel is left hanging properly on the chair next to my bed. i tell you, if i see that towel with one end not hanging on the chair like the other end, i can never get to sleep. another would be if i see my shoe boxes not properly stacked. sometimes i try to fight the urge to fix them, but i will always end up doing so. geesshh…do i already need a psychiatrist?

okay, going back to my question…i asked because in the movie, Jack assured that he’d be able to give Helen a good, if not the best compliment she’ll ever get. I was actually expecting that he’d praise her for wearing such a nice dress that flaunt her features but nope…what did he tell her then?

“You make me wanna be a better man.”

Awww…i was teary-eyed (okay, aside from being an OC, you can call me corny). Can you imagine your man telling you that? I would die right there and then if i hear these words. We all know that real Love should bring out the best in all of us, di ba? It’s like being inspired to do just all the good things. You give this particular man in your life the will to do great and be the best in everything he does. You inspire him…can anything be sweeter than that?

Okay, you can now add “daydreamer” on your list of “about jheng.”

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