on this same day, 14 years ago Monday around 8PM…he called and the girl picked up.

Girl: Hello?

Boy: Oy, pinapatawag mo daw ako? Bakit? (hey, they said you wanted me to call you? what’s up?)

Girl: Wala lang (Nothing)

*but honestly, he sucked for trying to pretend he doesnt know why

Boy: Ano nga eh…sabi nila tawagan daw kita. May sasabihin ka? (What is it, your friends told me you wanted me to call…is there anything you want to say?)

*still trying hard, but he still sucked

Girl: E alam mo naman na nga, kunwari pa to! (As if you dont know yet…stop pretending!)

Boy: Ano nga? (What is it?)

Girl: Hmmp..OO na. (Yes)

Boy: Anong oo? (what do you mean by yes?)

Girl: Nakakainis ka na ha. Alam mo na yun! (You’re starting to annoy me. you know what i was talking about)

Boy: (laughs) Talaga? O sige walang bawian ha.. (Really? No kidding? No turning back now, okay?)

Girl: Oo na nga! Sige na, babay na tawag na ako ni mommy (I said yes, didn’t I? Gotta go now, mom’s calling me)

Boy: Okay…see you tomorrow. Bye!

Girl: Bye

Right after putting down the phone, girl wanted to call him and take it back. Besides, she haven’t asked approval from her mom yet and for sure she’ll get mad. But what the heck, she can take it back after fulfilling his promise of taking her friends out to Jollibee. (hehhe, yep big deal)

She went to her room…she felt cold…anxious…scared…embarrassed. Not to mention guilty for not seeking approval from her mom first. But at the same time, she was somehow excited.

“Geesh, my first boyfriend”

The way she gave him the big Yes might not have been that romantic at all…and there even were thoughts that the relationship might turn out not to be a big deal after all.

“Di yan seryosohan…maghihiwalay din yan” (It’s nothing serious, they’ll separate soon)

Those thoughts were acceptable because back then, who would ever imagine that this relationship with unromantic beginnings will last more than a decade?

Too bad, it ended a year ago.

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