Knocked up…

Okay, now let me talk about the movie i was telling you all about nights ago. Actors are not really famous (feel free to correct me just in case), the only actress i get to recognized was the character played by the sister Debbie. And before anything else, let me first say that Katherine Heigl is so dammmnn gorgeous! Nice face, sexy body…hot! (okay, i’m beginning to sound weird now)

This is a story of two people who met in a club, got drunk and had sex: a typical one-night stand. But i am not sure if because of being too horny or simple stupidity (apparently, boy didn’t understand when girl said just do it!) boy didn’t use a condom and so after 2mos, girl tells boy: I AM PREGNANT!

Surprisingly, they didn’t consider to abort the baby despite of their obvious differences: Allison just got promoted and has a very promising career ahead of her and aside from that, she is drop-dead gorgeous, witty and rich. On the other hand, Ben doesn’t have a job, loves to get high, has a totally foul mouth and lives with a number of other horny and foul-mouthed people like him.

They tried to work things out by spending more time together, until they got very close until Ben proposed but did nothing to improve or at least change his way of living. Eventually, they fought and Allison decided to raise the baby on her own. After a short trip to Vegas, Ben realized that he needs to do something about his life if he wants to get Allison back. He got a job, an apartment, a car and started to read books on how to be a father to a new-born baby and other books that he and Allison bought. The scene where he was reading these books instead of choosing to go out with his friends is another tear-jerker for me. Babaw ba? hehehe, well i find it sweet.

Things turned out well in the end, of course. I am not sure whether they got married but it sure looked that they have a “happy ever after.’
I got to see and realized many things in this movie:

1. Two totally different people might work things out after all. Most especially if they love each other and they compromise. So i guess, compatibility isn’t really an issue when there is love.

2. I was so touched when Ben was on his knee, brought out a box and proposed to Allison…but box is empty. What touched me was when he told Allison that he will save for the ring that she truly deserves and for now he just wants to do the right thing. (Awww…)

3. A person no matter how irresponsible and immature he is will change as soon as he realized he wants to change. No person can change you unless you get to realize you need to. In the end, Ben decided to be an adult and start getting a “life” to make it better for him and Allison and their baby. His love to Allison made decide to be a better man. (hayy…nakaka-inlababo!)

4. Sometimes, life isn’t all about money or careers. In this movie, Allison just got promoted and getting pregnant might get her fired but she decided to have the baby. In the end, she got both.
O di ba…ganda ng movie? It made me realize that well, maybe there is still hope for me.



Yeyyy…weekend na naman! Buhay baboy na naman ito. Kain-tulog. :) But i’m thinking of getting a massage just because i feel like i am overly stressed na with work and with my so-called life! Grabe na sa kaboringan ang buhay ko…i wanna go out and enjoy, pero natatamad naman ako. And besides, gone are the days when i would prefer going to bars and getting drunk. Itutulog ko na lang.

I do have plans this afternoon though. I’d be attending the Mineral Makeup day of Sophie. I’ve been telling her that i’d attend pero i kept on breaking my promise…but this time i really wanna attend. Maybe if matapos na maaga, i can have then a massage. Hay wish ko lang.

Anyhoo…happy weekend to everybody!

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