yep, supposedly…but i am not. actually, i was pero “mejo” tapos ko na tasks ko for today so wait muna ako. today is thanksgiving in the US, and since my lead developer is in the US, i asked her if i can just work from home…besides, i don’t have anything urgent to do. luckily she said yes. so i went home. eto, online pa din while the rest of the people are sleeping already. and tomorrow, ako naman ang tulog.

by the way, i got another haircut. yep, hindi nakatiis. well, people are saying this one’s better. the first wasn’t. they say its so not me…mukha daw akong mabait. ^_^ at hindi daw bagay (ngek). so before going home, i decided to get a haircut. i tried ystilo salon, a block away from the condo. okay naman ang gupit, i look like a victoria beckham- wannabee. hahahah

wish ko lang…

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