it’s already past 3am and i’m still up…hehhe, weekend eh but instead of being out on a gimmick, eto i’m watching (not really watching, la lang choice kasi i don’t have a cable) Walang tulugan while waiting for my pictures to be uploaded sa friendster. While waiting, i decided to blog natin and make kwento of what i did kanina (as if there’s anything interesting, hehhe)

i woke up around 330pm and i remembered that i was planning to go to the gym all weekend and probably get a massage after. for days, i was scouting for where i can get a good body scrub and massage. i wish i can avail the royal javanese bath of The Spa where i can soak in a milkbath with roses pero ang mahal eh. kuripot ako, heehhe but i promised myself that i’ll avail that soon. Siguro, i’ll get that as a Xmas present for myself. For now, i decided to try the massage at Fitness First but i wanted to get a haircut first. So at past 5, i was already at Piandre-pplsupport to have my haircut. Nothing extraordinary naman….i just want to have a “porma” sa hair ko. Wala na kasing kaitsu-itsura. I’ll post a pic here one of these days.

At 630, i was at the gym na and i was planning to hit the threadmill first and then go to the jacuzzi and sauna buti na lang i decided to inquire about the massage muna. til 8pm lang pala i had no choice but to have the scrub and massage na lang…i so wanted to stay pa naman sa sauna after an hour or so sa threadmill…oh well.

So i got the pumpkin body scrub, avocado hair spa and swedish massage. it was good actually…my skin’s so soft after. pero the massage isn’t comparable to what i had when i first went for a massage. yung kanina is parang wala lang…or so-so. but i felt relaxed naman so okay na din.

i wanted to go to the mall, grab dinner and watch a movie pero the movie i wanted to see isn’t being shown at GB3. i don’t wanna go to G4 naman na mag-isa, though i used to do that. So ayun, i just grab a sandwich at Earle’s delicatessen then went home.

i know the way i spent my saturday isn’t that thrilling or exciting like the other or like the way they used to be…pero i must say i like it this way. i’d rather spend time at home watching tv or just tinkering with my abubots than being out drinking. ewan ko ba, tumatanda na nga ata talaga ako. but i’m also looking forward to doing that paminsan-minsan…pero walang chance eh. i mean my friends who i used to go out with hindi na din mahilig sa gimik. most of us would rather spend the weekend being at home and watch DVDs. ehehhehe, matatandang dalaga na nga kami.

anyways, i’m planning to get highlights for my newly-cut hair and prolly a mani-pedi later. i so wanna pamper myself. i also wanna go and buy a new pair of sandals…hay, sana i can gather all my courage to watch a movie at G4 alone. oh well…so that’s how a soon-to-be-oldmaid spends her weekend hhehhe..

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