wow mali?

dang…wag naman sana! if it is, that would mean i have to go and get another…haircut?

i had a haircut last weekend, hindi pa ako, i got some hairlights too. i dunno, i feel like i don’t like it. i look different…i look fatter! (waaaaaaa!) anyways, i’m gonna give it a few more days..pag ganun pa din, argh what the heck, papatabas ako ulit.

last sunday, after meeting up with odette (who’s enjoying singapore now, sigh) i watched “One More Chance” with you-know-who. (laughs) he’s so funny…imagine, he was in a blue sleeveless shirt and jeans with matching slippers. he really look siga and all, and there he was…watching the movie with me. when the movie was over, he was such in a hurry to get out of the cinema at nakakahiya daw. LOL you know naman guys, some of them aren’t proud to be seen watching this sort of movie…e ayaw ko pang lumabas ng sine, pang-asar ba. so he said we’ll just gonna stay til everybody’s out. hahaha…pero siyempre, being the sutil that i am…just when almost everybody is on their way out, i told him we gotta go. and yep, shempre ayaw nya…i was really laughing hard that time kasi he really looked embarassed and all, so i said “huy, tama na…wala ng kasunod yan, let’s just watch it again tomorrow if you want” as loud as i can. wehehehe…there were couples who heard that and they gave him a look and i swear, i saw them laughing too. buti na lang hindi pikon si voldemort, nakikitawa na lang siya. i even told him that i think it would be better if he would pretend to be gay by swaying his hips while walking…that way, it would be more understandable why a guy-looking like him watched that movie. it made us laugh harder kasi nga, the way he was dressed, there’s no way he’d be able to pull that off. wahahaha

i enjoyed the movie and the laughs i had with you-know-who. i missed laughing like that, and making fun of him like that. LOL

anyways, the movie is great. i think most couples would be able to relate to the story. i did…but i would say, i’d be more of john lloyd’s character. he did everything and gave everything, but she left her so she could find herself. buti na lang, wala talagang 3rd party kundi naku..sounds familiar na talga. wahahha. anyways, a lot can be learned in this movie. for one, don’t ever ever lose your own identity when in a relationship. this is what happened with bea’s character, which made her decide to go on her own. second, be really sure that you want to let go. dont think that you can always get back what you’ve given away. third, if there’s a problem…talk about it and do something about it. staying mum won’t do you any good. it’ll just probably make things worse. fourth, don’t take people for granted…most especially those people who loves you and stays with you. lastly, if you love somebody…set him free. kung kayo, kayo pa din talga in the end.

gosh, i can go on and on about it. but one thing i won’t forget in this movie is if two people are destined to be with each matter what happens, they will still find each other.


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