hmmm…i’ve been trying to come up with a list every year like the others but i can honestly say that i haven’t been able to do most of them, well, if not all.

pathetic, if i may say. and yeah, i am really pathetic when it comes to keeping promises i made to myself. like when i would say “i will no longer be as trusting as before” but i will still end up feeling like a trash when somebody had broken my trust. i can’t seem to learn my lesson when it would involve other people.

so this year, i will try to come up with a list that will only involve myself and just a tiny bit of involvement of other people if really needed. lemme try:

1) SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. hmmm, i might have to delete this one because i can never say NO to somebody who would ask money or material things from me (take note: somebody means friends and family ONLY! heheh) but this year, i really need to save because as of this writing, i have saved nothing! but probably if i would sell all my abubots and makeups, i could come up with a hefty amount to open up a savings account. ehehee

2) STOP BEING A PROCRASTINATOR yep, i am sooo guilty of this. i’d buy things like books that i would think i would like to read but most of the time, they will just end up somewhere collecting dust. the good thing is, my sister is fond of reading…so most of the books i buy, she gets to read it first.

3) THINK POSITIVE uh-ohh…this one’s hard. i’ve been such a pessimist all my life just so i won’t get disappointed when things don’t happen the way i expected them. but i will try…i even bought my mom the famous book entitled “the secret” and i think i need to read it too (goodluck!)

4) DO WHAT YOU ENJOY THE MOST and that would be…shopping!? hahaha..kiddin’ well, maybe a year or two ago i realized what i would be enjoying the most…and nope, it isn’t shopping but makeup! kinda related i know. but this time, i need to make use of all those i’ve bought and probably make money out of it too. If only i have the time and money, i could’ve enrolled in a makeup school and study makeup artistry. But for now, practicing on myself would be a good alternative. then probably in the near future i can enroll or who knows? Like they say, practice makes perfect (yeah, i wish!)

5) DONT TAKE EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY most especially when it comes to work. do what you have to do then ignore them wehehe…last year, i can say was the most stressful year for me when it concerns work. I am not complaining with the work load but the fact that you had to put up with your workmates’ “attitude” most esp. “ehem” anyways, this year…i would try to limit myself. if i used to say yes to all tasks being assigned to me even though it is no longer within my job description, i will try to say No. When it comes to other concerns, i would try not to think and wallow too much in it. I’ll try to shrug it off and move on with life.

6) GYM! yeah…damn, i’ve been a member for almost a year now and i am sure that i’ve been wasting so much money because i was not attending often! geesshh….i’ll stop my membership after i finished the 1-yr contract. such a waste of money… and i know, it’s my fault as well. this could be the only way to de-stress myself and stay fit but what the hell have i been doing???

7) BE ORGANIZED with my stuffs and most of all, my life! set priorities and goals…for god’s sake jhengky, grow up!

8) HAVE FUN stop being such a couch potato on weekends. try to get a life dammit…go out with friends and have fun. (but not every weekend ha)

9) GAIN MORE FRIENDS be active and do meet-ups with the people you meet online (not date!) most especially those from Girltalk. :)

10) PRAY AND BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING this i am really guilty of. i wanna be honest that most of the time that i pray would be the times that i would be asking for something. From now on, i will pray everyday and be thankful for whatever that comes my way. Thy will be done…

11) GIVE IMPORTANCE TO THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE AND CARES FOR YOU know who your real friends are and who truly stays by your side no matter what. Stop being super nice to non-deserving people who only wants to get something from you but don’t be a snob either. just know who are the real people from the “fakes.”

12) FOLLOW THIS LIST. (hehehe)

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