been a while...

it's been a while since i last posted on this blogsite (for those viewing my Multiply site, you won't be noticing since i've been like a blog whore these past few weeks, and that's because i've been actively posting on my other blogsite "abubots" and both blogs are connected to Multiply) because i haven't been that emo lately since i've been busy with work and my abubots :)

anyways, i'm getting kinda emo right now. not really sad but hmm..kinda confused? or probably disappointed on some things that have been happening lately. actually, i think it's more of being confused and scared. it's because things are again starting to be well between me and you-know-who and i'm just scared that it will just again end up on nothing. yeah, i know that i shouldn't be that pessimistic but you guys (or most of you who really know me) know what i've or what we've been through. it's just that i'm beginning to really discover that just when you are feeling that you're on top of the world, being happy and all, the next thing you'll know is everything else starts to break into pieces and you'll end up disappointed, frustrated and hurt. kaya nga minsan, i get scared when i get too happy for sometimes, i would get to think of what's going to happen next. baka masaya ako ngayon later sobrang depressed na naman ako. so now, i'm kinda like on that situation.

but i am trying to enjoy the moment...i know that the only thing that's permanent in this world is change and that we'll never really know what would happen next so the best thing that we could do is to make the most out of every chance we get to be happy. stop worrying about tomorrow and just enjoy what today has to offer.

'easier said than done, i know. but i'm trying hard to do it...besides, i should still be thankful for everything that happens to me right? everything happens for a only depends on how we are going to take it. besides, He will never give us trials that we cannot survive.

so smile's still beautiful!

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