last friday, i got a message from my kumare (damn, do i really have to get used to calling my inaanak's parents as kumare or kumpare?) who's also a good friend of mine since college that they will be here in Manila with my godchild, Cass. And since i really wanted to make it up to her and to my friend as well (i haven't been able to spend time with them that much...once ko pa nga lang nakita inaanak ko eh!), i decided to invite them to dinner. So after a long exchange of text messages, i was finally able to meet them in front of Gerry's grill in Glorietta. And since it was a friday night, there was a long waiting list so we decided to go to Outback instead.

I can't stop myself from staring at my inaanak...i can't imagine that Mai-Mai as i fondly call my kumare/friend already has a daughter who's almost 2 years old. Back then, we used to talk if we are going to have our own family like our other friend, Sang. And that reminds me na ako na lang napag-iiwanan...huhuhu (sniff sniff)

Anyways, i was able to get some pics of my inaanak and her dad, Charles. Ewan ko ba bakit hindi ko nakuhanan si Mai. hehehe

Grabe, ako kaya kailan magkakaroon ng little angel like Cass?

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