just when i thought this year's gonna be different and in a way, happier and that finally i'll learn how to let go of negative thoughts and feelings and stay away from people who seem to know how to make me feel real bad about myself...i still ended up feeling more trashed, abused and taken for granted than before. and to think we haven't gone thru the first week of this month. :(

damn...i feel so tired, bored and angry. in short, pesteng-peste na ako! i just wanna scream as loud as i can, curse and kick and punch and strangle those people who make me feel this way. but of course, in as much as i wanted to do all of those, i can't...and i won't.

so what would i end up doing then? e di wala...maybe i'll just go home and bury myself with my pillows and cry myself to sleep. and wish that tomorrow it will be better. hayy...no amount of makeup and hours of playing my psp can make me feel better. at this point, i just wanna forget what i've been thru and will still be going thru in the days to come.


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