sometimes i do wish i can just walk away from all these things which cause me too much stress and frustration that i just wanna strangle someone else’s neck! grrr…

don’t you just hate it when you try so hard to make things work or do your best on something that you do but you still end up not being appreciated and worse, people oftentimes get this f**ked up idea that you are trying to be a “star” when in fact you are actually doing everybody else a favor by being that sole person to collate information from a lot of people just to make things easier for them. the least thing that they could do is, well…give a confirmation that what you’ve said or written are correct instead of letting you in on a surprise that tadaaahhh…”we never made use of what you’ve sent to us, silly!”

so tell me, just what the hell am i here for? if i am stupid like what you think, then lemme outta here! i can’t keep up with people trying to outsmart one another while pushing other people down.

grrrr….i so hate all of you. (not you guys who are reading my posts) good thing i am not in the same place where you are or else, i might have been convicted with murder already.

damn…i wanna kick your ass!

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