just today...

i realized...
... that no matter what i do, i will never be enough.
... that i'll always be at fault
... that i deserved to be wronged
... that i am one selfish biatch
... that i never really know what is love and how to love
... that i dont deserve any better
... that nobody needs me

i hate myself and i wish i'd get lost and rot in hell.

7 Responses
  1. Danitza Says:

    I just read this post .. and even its my first comment .. I hope you are doing ok .. if u need anything, i hope I can help you in anything :) I follow your blog and I will tell you a little secret ... I cant believe you are 30! ... Because in my opinion you look sooooo much younger, if I am honest, I thought you were like 24 or 25 years old! =) You have an amazing skin and I am just reading your first post of your blog, from 2007 ... just to know what skin routine you use .. I know physical appereance is all ... but i want to tell you that I think you are a beautiful girl, from inside and outside :) Have a great day!
    Greeetings from Mexico!

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  5. jessie Says:

    sorry. dont mean to sound creepy, but i was just flipping through rnadom blogs, and this sounds really horrible:'(. its so sad. although i reconize the feeling, hope your okay :)

  6. Anonymous Says:

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