no regrets...

i always tell myself that i have no regrets in anything i did in the past. i might have lost in most of my battles, but what's important is that i gave my best. and no matter how tired and wounded i am after the fight, i would just shrug it all off and say "it's okay."

i wish i can do that now. i hope and pray that i won't come to a point when i would tell myself that i should have turned my back before. i am trying to convince myself that i made the right decision...and that i don't regret anything about it.

i wish i'd be strong enough to stop myself from saying "i was wrong..."


4 Responses
  1. silkysultry Says:

    Don't ever regret your decisions or else you will always be unhappy and have the question 'what if'. Stay strong ;)

  2. the box Says:

    i dont know if you check your blog that much but how did you get this cind of template.