nahhh, i am not's just something i got online. quoting from him, it means "So Happy It's Thursday!" tomorrow's a Friday and the idea of finally being able to sleep for more than 4hrs during the weekend's more than enough to make me giddy.

i am feeling restless, ill-tempered and bored. Restless because i haven't had a good night sleep for the past 4 nights. Ill-tempered because my car's still stuck at a casa for more than a week now and no repair of any sort has started. I waited for a cab in the middle of a drizzle last night for more than an hour and a half hours, and it made me a lot more angry than i already am for the past (almost) 2 weeks since the accident happened. don't get me wrong, i am used to commuting but the thought of my car still messed up because of somebody else's stupidity drives me crazy mad. geesh, i still want to strangle that guy's neck whenever i see cars that look like mine.

and yeah, bored. hell bored, to be exact. not that i have nothing to do in the office, but because i just don't like what i am doing. i am working since this morning, but i feel nothing. i mean, i know this isn't the right way or the best way to do this but i have no choice but to do what i've been told to do. and i so effin' hate it. i hate it when people makes me feel stupid...and when i no longer know who i can and can't trust. it feels like most, if not everybody's wearing a mask. i still hope this is just me being what mom has been telling me "give them the benefit of the doubt." oh well!

an hour and a half to go and i'm off.