Sunday, 30 mins past 1 in the morning....

yep...i am working from home at this time!


and i thought i'd be able to run the scripts i've created last week...apparently, i won't be able to. the permissions set to the user i've created are all messed up. instead of just being a member, they gave it ADMIN rights. so yeah, i won't be able to execute my now-ready scripts. instead of execution, i would need to resort to creation of those effin' scripts for an ADMIN user.



but of course, they do need to SORT out the permission settings FIRST.

oh wells...what else is new, no!?

good thing i can't be in real bad mood today. i just had a great dinner with family at Seafood by the bay in Subic...and of course, food is one good reason for one to stay in a good mood. BURP. i am so FULL, and man, i mean FULL! goodluck to fitting myself in my office slacks next week.

okay, okay..other things i have to be thankful for:

- mom's done with the operation. there were some benign (thank God, they are!) cysts that were removed.
- X is feeling a lot better now. at least, he's now being able to get a good night sleep
- my new loots! ugh, read my other blog for more details (wink)
- i am with my family this weekend.

so there. i guess working from home at this time of night, err, morning is not really bad. at least i am with my family and to top it all, i have a great view of my sister now asleep (frowning, mouth slightly open and all....tee-hee)

nyt everyone...gotta get back to work!


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