'twas just one-of-those days in the office. yesterday, i was working from home. i hate the office...i hate the project, and yeah...i hate some people that i work with. i know that the word "hate" comes too strong. but this is me, i may tell you "i hate you" often but for me it just means "i don't like you NOW." so there.

anyways, so i had no choice but to come in to the office today. i basically ran out of reasons why i would need to stay at home instead. so i literally had to drag my pathetic ass and go to work. my day started okay, but i must admit, i am TRYING SO HARD to focus with work. a lot of things have been happening in the office, and soon...God forbid, i might be losing my job AGAIN.

but you know what...i do feel that HE really loves me. i know i have been doing a lot of bad things lately, and worse, i might have been forgetting to praise and thank HIM. but HE continues to shower me with blessings.

last monday, i had an interview (just when i am on the verge of losing my job for the second time)...and yesterday, i got a schedule for another interview with the same company. and it turned out fine! i don't have any good news yet but hey, to know that the interviewers are impressed with you is one good reason to be happy and perhaps, be proud of? i mean, i haven't lost my job yet and here it is...another prospect (i hope). this happened to me for a lot of times already. i remember last year, when i got declared as redundant, i was able to find a job even before my last day at the office. and now, this. i am not yet sure if i'd be able to get this job, but it did give me a reason to smile and believe that HE gives me signs that there is still hope.

another thing...i stumbled upon a blog, a very inspiring blog. i get teary-eyed with every post i was able to read. and yep, i read ALL of it in one sitting. (and just when i really need to finish my office tasks, no?) i love all his posts. made me stop and ponder about life...about all the things i have to be thankful for, and stop worrying about a lot of things that have no sense at all. it made me feel ashamed of myself, because i whine endlessly when there are a lot of people out there who might have a bigger problem than me but are still thankful about the little things they get everyday. his posts are touching, and i admire him on how he expresses himself in his writings. i wish i can be like that too....damn, i wish i have a blog like that too. one that inspires and make people really think about life. i have a blog that talks about makeup, and this one that well, about my endless and nonsense ramblings.

and oh, here's the blog: TYNETHOUGHTS

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