and i thought it's gonna be another WW3. goodness, am i being such a pathetic warfreak for thinking that way? (sigh). fortunately, things didn't turn out the way i was kinda expecting them to be. nobody apologized, but at least, it's over (hopefully, it really is).

i am not the type of person who holds grudges against other people. and yeah, most of the time you don't even need to say sorry. a nod or even a smile can make me realize that things are much okay now...or the "war" is over. and yeah, i still believe in "make love, not war."

who would want chaos anyway? who wouldn't want things to go as smoothly as possible? the least thing that i want right now is conflict. most especially in the place where i spend most of my wake time.

oh well...i really hope it's over now.


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