it all started with one wish: that one day, she'd finally feel that she's loved, cherished and longed for.

that's all she ever wanted, even when she's still a kid. yet, fate gave her something different. she'd always feel taken for granted, abused and most of the time, invisible.

it was quite surprising that being a girl with such one wish, and with such unfortunate experience since childhood, you'd expect her to be selfish, self-centered and probably somebody who'd like the world on her feet. but nope...she grew up practically giving other people the same things she ever wanted, and making them feel what she ever wanted to feel.

she might not be a perfect friend, nor a perfect child, even a perfect girl (who would be if you grew up in such an imperfect world?) but she tries so hard not to make everybody else feel what she had felt eversince she got to understand what LOVE is all about. sometimes, no matter how hurt she might be, you'd still see her cracking up other people whom she feels need some dose of laughter to make them feel better bout themselves. she'd pretend she doesn't have anything to worry bout herself at all...and that she's obliged to be everybody else's clown or life of a party.

sometimes, i would see her crying her heart out once she's alone by herself. she'd moan, wail like she'd been stabbed in her heart a thousand times. she would cry til she can cry no more. then she'll stand up, ready to face the world again, as if she's fine herself.

i would often ask her if she ever gets tired...and she would say yes. but she couldn't stop...or maybe wouldn't stop. she'd say she would only stop once she gets to feel what she makes other feel herself. she wants to be loved, cherished, longed for, wanted...and since she's not being able to experience that (in a genuine way), she promised herself not to make other people feel the same way. for she knows, it's hard. so hard that there were a lot of times she thought of giving up the fight. but she can't...and she won't.

she's not perfect...there would be times she'd come short of what she has promised. sometimes, she'll be as lonely as hell and would ask people why she feels so alone. she'd throw tantrums...she'd cry in front of people, as if she's almost begging for them to make her feel that she is indeed being loved. unfortunately, she'd end up being thought of as a selfish bitch...somebody who asks too much. little do they know that she's not asking for other things....all she wants is love, time and dedication.

"is it too hard? don't i deserve it? am i such a no-good that people would need to exert much effort just to give me that? am i that un-special? am i that unworthy?"

i am scared for her. scared that one day, reality would hit her. that it's possible that she won't be able to feel that way from the people she expects it to come from...and she'll come to a point where she'd surrender. a point where she'd give up...and tell herself that it's all her fault and that no matter what she does, she'd always feel alone and unloved.

maybe, if she felt special right from the beginning...she won't need to go thru this. maybe, if she comes to realize her worth, she won't allow people to pull her down and she won't feel like it's her obligation to make other people good about themselves while she's wallowing in self-pity herself. maybe, if she's stronger enough...she'd chose to be alone than to be around people who hurt her. and maybe, she'd be happy after all.

she's just one simple girl...looks complicated and all, but she is just one simple girl.

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