i wish....

...that one day, people would find me gone and no matter how hard they try, they won't be able to find me
...that when that day comes, they would know how much it hurts to long for somebody and wish that they could've done better
...that one day, i'd feel no more pain...no more happiness...and that i'd just be numb as a corpse
...that people would know that behind my giggles and big smiles, is someone with a heavy, broken (if not torn) heart.
...that i'd learn how not to forgive and forget.
...that i'd think of myself more
...that someday, i'll have the guts to go after what i really want and don't care bout those who i'd get hurt in the process
...that their first impression of me will somehow get true
...that i'd be selfish, inconsiderate, self-centered like most people think i am
...that one day, i'd get back to those people who have hurt me in any way and make them suffer big time for what they did to me

and most of all, i wish that one day, all of these sufferings would be gone and i'll lay myself to rest...to be forgotten by those people i've loved and cherished.

from: the invisible girl

1 Response
  1. SirSia Says:

    Hey, why are you wishing like this? why do you want people forget you?