rant rant rant...


i still feel and look like a mess. my undereyes are still swelling, i'm so darn sleepy and bloated (ack!) and i don't feel like working! i just wanna go home and sleep. i sooo want to rub my undereyes like crazy but i can't. grrrr...

i keep on thinking what i've used to cause this allergies. but i simply can't figure it out, i've been on the same skin regimen for months now....so what could have triggered this? waaahh, if there's a doctor or derma reading out there who's reading this, can you please help me? i already asked my derma friend and she told me to just stop using anything on my face (smirks) easier said than done.

oh well...i still have 3hours to go so probably i'll just hang around and rant. i don't really feel like working despite the fact that i need to finish something today. my brain just wont work and i keep on fighting the urge to scratch my undereyes like there's no tomorrow. i still see little bumps near my eyes...they are so damn itchy! and my undereyes are so dry...i look old! waaaahhhh

if this damn itchiness wont go away for another day, i'll go and visit a derma. i need a second opinion on this. darn, i am hoping i won't be suggested to stop wearing makeup. please no...argh, no!!!


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