i went home last night with a terrible headache and a slight fever...i went straight to bed and just wanted to stop myself from thinking too much. thinking bout things don't never did.

i felt like i was able to sleep like a baby. a good 10 hours have passed when i woke up. i was supposed to feel a lot better after...but nope, i didn't. i was disappointed that i woke up. i should've slept forever instead.

there are times when i wish i'd die in my sleep. i sometimes pray not to wake up anymore. i sleep when i want to escape the reality...i sleep when i want to feel at peace and safe...i sleep when i feel like giving up.

i want to sleep forever.
i am tired. really, really tired.

please, make me sleep and never wake up again.

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  2. Ergo Latin Says:

    You know why you like sleep?

    Because when you sleep your mind is at peace.

    It is possible to be at peace with your mind while you are awake too but it takes courage and desire.

    The first thing you have to do is reprogram your thinking. And the very first thought you must BELIEVE is that nobody cares about you. THEN you shouldn't care what you think they think about you because 7 billion don't even know you on this planet so what are you talking about letting a few worry you?

    Fix your thoughts.

    Your wallpaper, BTW, is wonderful!

  3. Kitty Says:

    U cn sleep forever if u commit suicide.

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  5. lisa Says:

    I remember I use to have he same problem. Until I started looking into meditation to quiet my mind. You what it worked. You should try it sometimes. Look into it. From there I got into Yoga and came across a book by Neal Donald Walsh. It genuinely changed my life and how I see life. From there I dabbled into other things.

    I urge you to try some of the things I recommend.

    Best wishes

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  9. Icelus Says:

    I know the feeling.

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