i love more!

well, i used to love Mondays when you also used to make me feel that i am special and worth your time. gosh, i miss those times when i'd be crazy to be all giggling on a Monday and everybody else seems to be wishing that it's still a weekend. people get confused as to what makes me happy on a monday...little do they know that the thought of you waiting for me downstairs makes me happy and the thought of being with you for the next two days excites me like nothing else can.

i'd jump at the sound of your text telling me that you're on your way...and i'd almost fall off my seat whenever you'd send me a message that you're already waiting for me. i love the way you smile at me whenever you would see me walking towards you. most of the time, you'd frown if i'd make you wait a little longer but still...i love seeing you...i love being with you.

but now...everything seem to have turned 180. it's been quite a while since i last saw you...been quite a while since you last waited for me downstairs. i miss your laugh, your teasing, your smile, your jokes, your cooking...i miss you.

i've been longing for your warm embrace, your tender kiss and the soft whispers telling me how much you love and miss me. i miss holding your hand...i miss looking at you while you do your work...i miss everything about you.

i wonder where's that man who made me feel special all this time. i wanna shout on top of my lungs and ask "what went wrong? where are you? don't you miss me too?"

i am sure people would hear me...people would take notice...but not you.

it's sad to know how the person who makes you smile a great smile would be the same exact person who would make you break down and cry.

i wish you'd take notice...soon.


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