of course i wouldn't do that to you, my dear readers! no matter how hard my life would be, i will never EVER leave you. you've helped me in so many ways...and being with you in this world of blogging makes me feel that i have a lot of friends (even sisters) though i haven't met most of you yet in person!

sorry for playing a joke today, my dearies. i am just so bored in the office and i remembered that it's April Fools' Day! :)

i hope you forgive me :)

(hugs and kisses)

and yeah, this means that you would have to bear with me and my boring posts! LOL

21 Responses

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you almost got me! :P :P :P

    well, you did... haha!

  2. na-sad pa naman ako...buti na lang joke! LOL!

  3. Crystal Says:

    omg, naloko ako doon ha? hehe.

  4. izumi Says:

    LOL! aawww, you got me :(

  5. Gracie Says:

    'lang'ya ka! You nearly broke my heart!!! That deserves a punishment! Sabunutan kita sis... taas baba... paikot ikot!!! (How are you going to translate that?)

  6. Tara Cabullo Says:

    WAAAAHH!! But that's better than you having a real problem. :)

  7. * Jen * Says:

    I don't post a lot, but I do read your blog often. And you really got me! Hahaha.. I'm glad it's just a joke. I would hate to say farewell to one of the make up gurus who inspired me to start a blog myself. =)

  8. ♥ Nehs ♥ Says:

    hahaha... u got me!! but you made me laugh.

  9. Care GUMIN Says:

    omg. super nalungkot ako bigla nung nabasa ko un. tapos, when I click this. ahhha. ung feeling na sobrang nagulat na masaya na ewan. (well, mostly like the feeling of walking into a MAC store. haha) Take care Jheng. :) You inspire me a lot. :D

  10. AskMeWhats Says:

    in fairness! BRUHA KA!!! I was going to text you na!!! Grrrrrr You did a great job fooling me though! hahaha

  11. awww. that's a good one!!! My heart is already pounding while reading the post!!! You got me there....

  12. lelila Says:

    muntik na kita i-ym agad to ask you why, e kausap lang kita kanina haha!

  13. Bambi Says:

    jheng santos, i will seriously hunt you down! i fell off my seat akala ko goodbye ka na. and you know what that means when a person madly in love with makeup bids goodbye for good.... something's terribly wrong.

    you scared me!

  14. Bambi Says:

    hahahaha but seriously you sure got a lot of people there :P

  15. beeyoutiful7 Says:

    O M G. . . .

    you FOOLED me big time..

    I keep forgetting that its April Fools day...

    I read enough of lies this morning!

    someones pregnant...someones getting divorced..and farewell?


    Im glad you're not doing anywhere!!


  16. sab Says:

    omigosh! you got me too! but i'm glad you're doing fine hun. :)

  17. Chrissy Says:

    OMG that made me so sad. Meanie! XD Nice joke! Hahaha.

  18. Ria Says:

    Kainis. :) hahaha.

  19. U got me! haha.. na sad pa naman ako! thank Goodness its only a joke haha!

  20. Unknown Says:

    hahaha sorry dearies. but thanks, it only shows that you do really care for me. and i want to thank you for that. muaaaaahh