getting more hopeless by the minute.

questioning why life is like this (well, at least for me..)

don't i deserve good things in life?

how come other people out there doesn't have to worry like i do? i feel like i have lots of things to worry about...and that i have tons of responsibilities and obligations to take care of...while they just worry about themselves, and some don't even have to do that. other people does the worrying for them.

can't i have that as well?

my life is going nowhere...i am getting tired. and to think i haven't accomplished anything yet.

i'm scared...so scared that i'll just end up being a nobody. a worthless, pathetic bitch.

and what's worse? it's when you get all the blame and people would say "i told y0u so..."

damn, i wish lighting would just strike me here....right now.

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