dead tired...

sometimes don't you wish that you can just turn your back on everything? or probably just ignore the things that happen around you or the things you hear? or maybe those that you feel? coz sooner or later, you'd get over them...BUT! after sometime, there they go again. and you realize you're in a cycle. and soon, you'd get tired. but, you just continue to go thru it all over again.

"tanga mo kasi," "tigas ng ulo mo," "wala kang kadala-dala."

...just a few of those hurtful words that are well, meant to knock some sense into your head. nakakainis diba, kasi paulit ulit mong naririnig. but the truth is, ikaw ang paulit-ulit. if there's one mistake you soooo love to commit e yun na nga yung pagiging engotz mo.

cycle. paulit-ulit. sometimes you're up there feeling so high and happy and the next thing you knew, you've (again) fallen flat on your face. maybe you just got so used to it that you no longer mind going thru it over and over again. aren't u getting tired?

you say you are. but for sure, in no'd be in that same cycle again.

i wish you'd get numb na lang. or maybe become really selfish so you'd only think of yourself. sana you'd learn to love yourself din...or maybe just give a little to those who also give a little. kaso, mashado kang mapagbigay. remember..."you cannot give something what you don't have." so if u don't love yourself, how on earth will you be able to give love to others? ano yung tawag sa binibigay mo?

(just askin)

anyways, i hope you'd get in tired...or maybe fed up? kaso you always say nga na you had enough...pero ayan ka pa din.

tara dito, iuuntog kita ng malakas.


nevermind me peeps, just another talk-to-yourself session.


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